Appearing in over fifty films for the big screen as well as television, Vincent's acting career began at 17 when he pursued dramatic studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Geneva and then in Paris. He also studied at the Ecole des Amandiers de Nanterre.  Following his work in theatre, in 1986 Vincent starred in his first film, "Gardien de la nuit".


Beginning in his teens, Vincent expressed interest in directing and put on plays with his friends. Later in drama school,  he embraced both acting and directing.  His first directorial debut was at the age of 27 with a short film called "L'echange". He made his first feature-length film in 2002 followed by "The Secret" three years later, and in 2015, he directed "Alone in Berlin".


One of Vincent's first passions was the camera, so at fifteen, he began studying photography at the Ecole des Art Appliques at Centre Doret in Vevey, Switzerland. Two years later he made the decision to switch to acting. An exhibition of his photography called "From Vladivostok to Paris" was held in Russia in 2011 and since then, several exhibitions have taken place in France.


For four consecutive years (2007-2010), Vincent published a volume in his comic book series, "La Fôret", a children's fantasy based on Celtic tales.  In May of 2011, he also co-published a  travel book called "Le Paris du cinéma". As a screenwriter, he wrote the script for his short film, ""L'échange" and co-wrote the script for his film, "Peau d'ange" and "Alone in Berlin".


A fashion lover for many years, it was an easy progression to step in front of the camera for magazines. In 1992, he did a spread for Vogue Hommes and won over the editorial staff. Since 2010, he has worked on four ad campaigns for IKKS along with actress Virginie Ledoyen. These days, daughter Iman is more likely to be seen at fashion shows as she has chosen a modeling career.


Welcome to the most comprehensive Vincent Perez web site online where visitors can become acquainted with this multi-cultured actor.  Born in Switzerland to a Spanish father and German mother, Vincent not only speaks French, but is fluent in several languages. He makes his home in France with his wife Karine and their three children.

This celebrity web site contains a blog and archive on the life and work of Vincent Perez. It is in no way officially affiliated with him.

The VPA was launched on June 10, 1999.

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