100 minutes


Synopsis: HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS is a historical epic that tells the story of Montreal and pays tribute to the true founders of our country: the Native peoples. The film traces the history in the microcosmic vision of a single place located at the foot of Mount Royal where the Percival Molson stadium is today. From an Iroquoian massacre in 1267 to a football game, Jacques-Cartier's visit in 1535, the purple fever epidemic of 1687, the Patriotes' uprising of 1837 and a brain operation opened at the Institute Of Neurology in 1944, five Montreal frescoes are revealed by the excavation of an archaeologist and the prayers of an Amerindian Prophet.

Filmed over 42 days in the Montreal region of Canada from September to November 2016. Budget of $15 million. Producer Roger Frappier says the film will celebrate the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal.




Raoul Max Trujillo - The Prophet
Tanaya Beatty - Akwi
Vincent Perez - Jacques Cartier
Samian - Baptiste Asigny
 Sébastien Ricard - Léopold Lacroix
Emmanuel Schwartz - Étienne Maltais


Director - François Girard
Screenplay -
François Girard
Cinematography -
Nicolas Bolduc
Music - Terry Riley