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16 June 2017
The 10-episode series RIVIERA was launched by Sky Atlantic yesterday and Vincent was on the red carpet at the Cinema Elysees Biarritz for its Paris premiere.

The series by Neil Jordan is described as a family saga. Georgina, a young American from the Midwest USA, becomes the wife of the billionaire and art collector, Constantine Clios. When her husband is killed in an explosion aboard a yacht belonging to a rich and powerful Russian arms dealer, Georgina decides to conduct her own investigation in a world populated by scammers, liars and other criminals. Julia Stiles stars as Georgina with a cast that includes Iwan Rheon, Lena Olin, Monica Bellucci, Anthony LaPaglia and Vincent.

30 May 2017

Sorry for the delay in posting the Cannes photos but this past weekend was my 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a joyful and memorable occasion. On Saturday Vincent participated in the photo call, press conference and screening for Roman Polanski's D'APRES UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE (Based on a True Story).

Principal photography has begun on Vincent's next film - LOVE WALL, directed and written by Romain Cogitore.  It's a romantic drama about a couple named Maria and Oliver, played by Déborah François and Paul Hamy. Maria is a 30-something rebellious, restless woman who meets this shy, indolent man in Taiwan. Their love will be tested by a serious and complex illness. Vincent will play a physician. Filming took place last week at a hospital in Limoges.

18 May 2017

Vincent, wife Karine and daughter Iman attended the "Ismael's Ghosts" screening and opening gala yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival.  Polanski's "D’apres une histoire vraie" will be screened toward the end of the festival.

03 May 2017

Several films have joined the official selection of the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which will take place from May 17-28, 2017. Among them, BASED ON A TRUE STORY (D’apres une histoire vraie), the latest feature by Roman Polanski, will be presented out of competition. The film is the adaptation of Delphine de Vigan's critically-acclaimed novel published in 2015. Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green play the two main roles with Vincent as Seigner's companion.  The psychological thriller tells the story of the toxic relationship between a writer (Emmanuelle), whose life and mind are endangered by an obsessive admirer (Eva) as she goes through a tough period after the release of her latest book.

This movie affords a new opportunity for Polanski to deal with subjects that dot the whole of his filmography and that he has mastered to perfection - domination, submission, question of identity, guilt. This gives a measure of confidence in the quality of this next release. The screenplay was co-written by Polanski and Olivier Assayas. Cinematography is by Pawel Edelman and music by Alexandre Desplat. Shooting began last November in the Perche region and in Paris with an estimated budget of €10,000,000.

Mars Distribution will release the film in France with Sony Pictures Classics obtaining its North American distribution, while Lionsgate will release it internationally. This is Polanski's seventh film to be shown at Cannes.

24 April 2017

Vincent has been named chairman of this year's edition of  Le Salon de la Photo held at the Parc des Expos Porte de Versailles from November 9-13, 2017. It is the French forum for photographers and photography enthusiasts. Over five days, the Salon de la Photo brings together all the key players in the world of photography: not only manufacturers and importers but also schools and professional associations, all eager to show their latest products and ideas.

World War II drama ALONE IN BERLIN continues to premiere around the world. Presently, Vincent is in Japan promoting it. Here are some new production photos. The first one shows Vincent with the film's music composer, Alexandre Desplat. The next two show X Filme producer Stefan Arndt.

Certainly, traveling has taken center stage so far this year. Vincent began 2017 with a photo trip to Russia, but at the end of January he was in the US attending the screening of "Alone in Berlin" at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. He stayed around Paris in February for his photography exhibition at MEP. In early March he was in Italy and then he was off to India. Earlier this month he was in NYC and then Spain, and now he's in Tokyo. Hope he has a frequent flyer card as he racks up these miles! Here's a selfie he took today.

Daughter Iman, who turns 18 next month, has been in the news of fashion and horses. The photos below are from a charity cocktail party on April 20th in Paris. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has teamed up with Italian brand Diesel for a collection dedicated to her Fashion for Relief charity - Child at Heart, concerned with the welfare of children globally. As usual, I have updated Iman's fashion pages with the latest photos.

In the April 22 edition of  Le Journal du Dimanche, Iman admits that if she were forced to choose between her two passions, it would be horses over fashion. Her contract with Next Worldwide in Paris and Storm Management in London allows her to finance her equestrian activities. She has been riding since she was four years old but along the way, she also participated in dance, basketball, swimming and figure skating and practiced violin, guitar and piano. Whew! In a couple months Iman will compete at the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping.

26 March 2017

Vincent is back to pursuing his passion for photography with a trip this month to India for more portraits. He visited Udaipur and participated in Holi, a Hindu spring celebration known as the "festival of colors". He looks like he's having a fun time.

His exhibition continues at Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris through April 9th.  In connection with this exhibition, a book signing was held on March 11th. "Les Parisiens" has been published by Artron Books and contains 28 portraits and is available exclusively from the MEP bookshop. Included is an interview between Jean-Luc Monterosso and Vincent.

On March 15th, CHACUN SA VIE opened in French theaters to mediocre reviews. The massive ensemble film was criticized for its abundance of characters with a story that lacked any intrigue. It was described as a cluster of "sketchy sketches" rather than a film but scenes with Johnny Hallyday were deemed hilarious. Vincent had a minor role and was not discussed.

Earlier this month Vincent and his wife were in Turin, Italy, attending the presentation of a book written by Marisa Bruni Tedeschi entitled "Mes chères filles, je vais vous raconter". Her daughters are Carla and Marie. These photos are very dark and appear to be taken outside through a window.

20 February 2017

I've added a few more photos to the MEP section showing Vincent's photography exhibition. Catherine Schwaab of Paris Match attended the opening on Tuesday night. She wrote, "It was the Congolese sappers, his models, who set the mood. Elegant and cheerful, in multicolored costumes, they dressed Vincent with a lurex jacket for him to pose with them. No way of staying gray, my friend!"

Vincent pointed out that Africans are actually less inhibited in front of a photographer. Ms. Schwaab said the portraits were affordable - 5000 euros for small formats and 8000 for large ones. At the end of the night, everyone, Chinese, French and Africans, dined at a nearby restaurant.

Artscape.fr wrote that Vincent, influenced by Martin Parr and his use of the circular flash in spite of the full sun, captures portraits with a slight blur - almost like a painting - representing girls and sappers who have an identity, a role. Vincent said, "I did not want staged pictures but images sketched in the daily life of the onlookers and locals. Fortuitous, sudden, hazardous encounters. A few seconds clipped from their day."

The second section of the exhibition shows portraits of Russians. Vincent said, "Today their life is complex, divided between a need for individual emancipation and a restraint deeply linked to the history of the country." Artscape summed up the exhibition with "Questioning the creative process at the borders of destruction and identity issues is at the heart of this striking photographic journey."

On the Mowwgli web site, Dominique Vautrin wrote, "If you pass by the MEP before April 9, do not miss the exhibition on the third floor called 'Identités' by Vincent Perez. Divided into two parts are 'The Parisians' and 'The Russians'. His portraits are identified as encounters... One stops instantly on the strength and dignity that emerge from these different portraits. The neutrality, the smile or the hardness of the person arouses in us an intriguing and emphatic dimension... The beauty of the colors that emanates from the sun shines on the classical scenography of the exhibition. The walls are gray and mauve light, all in a well-lit environment. Unfortunately, there is a shortage in the second room for Russian portraits, but that does not prevent us from seeing something tender in the eyes of these veterans of work. The photographic technique is impeccable and the framing of the prints avoids the reflection. This exhibition could have been called 'Identity, Humanity'. Vincent Perez is a worthy actor of contemporary photography."

Michèle Warnet of Les Echos wrote, "In the boxes, all ticked by Vincent Perez, actor, screenwriter, director, we must add that of photographer, accomplished portraitist... His photographs express the strong individuality of his subjects. A portraiture that tracks pure expression, 'when the mask falls'. In the flash of the flash, if need be. More than faces, Vincent Perez seizes slices of life in a frontal and benevolent way. A quest that draws its source in the exercise of cinematographic realization. 'Actor, director, photographer... it's the same way for me, the same gesture. It's a way of getting into the lives of others,' Vincent says simply in the form of a key to the creative energy that animates him."

There's a Chinese interview with Vincent in French that you can view at this youtube link.

Here's an ensemble photo from the upcoming film CHACUN SA VIE:

I discovered this youtube video that was recorded on December 3, 2016 when Vincent was in Lausanne, Switzerland attending an advance premiere of ALONE IN BERLIN at Cinéma Capitole. It runs about 43 minutes and begins with an introduction to the film and during this time his 14-year-old daughter Tess comes up on the stage to join him and sings this lovely song while her proud father looks on. Very sweet! Click on the photo below to view the video.


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