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4 AUGUST 2000
fanfan16t.jpg (10492 bytes)It's time to feast your eyes on Vincent as Alexandre in Fanfan! I've finally updated the Archives with the posting of both old and new Fanfan photos. Gallery 5 is now open with pictures from the July 1993 issue of French Premiere magazine. The accompanying article has also been posted. Plus the Fanfan film page  has been updated with lobby card and pressbook photos. Next month there'll be another article with photos from Paris Match magazine. If anyone is interested in a video copy (NTSC format) of this film with English subtitles, e-mail me below.

There's a new interview from the July 2000 issue of the Spanish magazine, Fotogramas, that I recently discovered on the Net. I also found this terrific comment about Vincent's performance in I Dreamed of Africa from Baseline Movie Reviews - "Vincent Perez is always a potent presence and here he lends his charismatic charms and forceful technique to the underwritten role of Paolo." How true!

A German cinema site is featuring the poster below. "She inspired their passions. They inspired her genius." Sounds great! They refer to the film as Alma - Bride of the Wind. Click onto it for the larger image.

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2 AUGUST 2000


News from The Hollywood Reporter today indicates that Charlize Theron has dropped out of the indie feature, The Husband I Bought, due to scheduling conflicts with Woody Allen's next project in October. No word yet on who will replace her.


Here are some mini Cannes photos below - the first two are from this year's film festival and the third is from last year's.

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1 AUGUST 2000


A warm thank you goes to Norwegian fan Řivind Christensen who wrote me on July 18th with news of another wonderful role for Vincent. He'll be starring in The Husband I Bought with Charlize Theron. They will play husband and wife in this film, based on Ayn Rand's short story written when Rand was a mere 21 year old just after she immigrated from Russia to the United States. The Husband I Bought was published after her death by heir and executor, Leonard Peikoff, when it was included in his 400-page volume of The Early Ayn Rand: A Selection of Unpublished Fiction.

It's been said that Rand (1905-82) brought more people into the liberterian movement than anybody else by making a moral case for individualism and liberty through her dramatic novels, one of which was The Fountainhead, which was transferred to the screen in 1949 with Gary Cooper starring as architect Howard Roark.Vincent will also play an architect in Husband. Described as a primitive but intriguing story, it's about a wealthy woman with a perfect marriage to her husband, but a building designed by him collapses causing the death of several people, putting him into a downward spiral. When another woman steps into the picture to bring him back into the profession, his wife begins to lose him.


You can pre-order the DVD of I Dreamed of Africa at for $16.99. Remember the video will be out at your video rental stores on August 29.

The DVD for Beyond the Clouds goes on sale at on August 8 for $20.99. They are also currently selling the DVD for Those Who Love Me... at $22.46. I would assume there are English subtitles but I would verify this before ordering.

No word yet on DVD or video releases of Epouse-moi and Le Libertin. If you want to listen to some of the lively music from the soundtrack to Le Libertin, you can visit They have clips from each of the 15 tracks on the CD. I may purchase it myself to add to my Perez Collection.


After an article on Vincent appeared in the May 2000 issue of W magazine, a devoted fan decided to write a letter to them. To her surprise, she was published in July's issue under "Readers React" and sent along the following:

  Pure Perezw5001.jpg (8137 bytes)
Thank you for the page in your May issue on Vincent Perez ("Perez is Burning"). This fine European actor just takes over the screen with his presence - he's pure joy on film. Let's hope we'll have more opportunities to see his work in the US.
Marian Fuller
Manhattan, Kansas

Perhaps we should all try writing in the next time a magazine features Vincent so we can promote as much publicity for him as possible. Take a bow, Marian, for getting published!     


Another addition to the Archives -  an article from the July 1994 issue of French Elle magazine entitled "Absolutely Romantic". And look for more wedding photos from Voici magazine this month!

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