85 minutes




Synopsis: Peau d'ange focuses on a simple hearted village girl, appropriately named Angele, who is sent to town to find work, as her poor parents are unable to feed her. She is employed by a liberal bourgeois family. There Angele meets another maid like herself, a carefree girl who will introduce her to Gregoire, a pathetic looking young man in town for his motherís funeral. Gregoire poses as a manager in a music company and steals the heart of Angele who would like to become a singer like Rita Mitsouko. Drowning in feelings of guilt regarding the dead mother that he once rejected, Guillaume easily arouses compassion in Angele who gives her virginity to him in total surrender. But this meaningless night in a godforsaken town is a turning point in Angeleís life, and Gregoire will not escape the ripple effects.


Ruth Legrand, Cinelibret:
The great success of Peau d'ange is certainly the angel herself. Vincent Perez succeeds in giving the tragic role of the young person to Morgane More (17 years old) and the film seems to be written for her... A romantic fable.... Vincent Perez, the director, presents the tragedy of love - impulsive, passionate and romantic, words he uses for himself."

Stephanie Thonnet, Monsieur Cinemas:  
"Peau d'ange is a film to be received like a gift. A film in love and generous like its director, Vincent Perez, who seems to have put all his heart into his first full-length film... This moving cinema allows us to witness two exceptional actors: Morgane More, whose grace, angelic face and unforgettable eyes hide a share of mystery, and Guillaume Depardieu, awkward, touching and unquestionably imposing... He directs with instinct... A wind of freedom blows on this film, the script punctuated with beautiful form..."

Marie-NoŽlle Tranchant, Figaroscope:
"All is natural and surprising in this first film from Vincent Perez and Karine Sylla... The film is fastened firmly with reality, but with flights which cross and transfigure it."

Eric Van Cutsem, Cinopsis:
"We are pleased to see a Besson production which tells the story of a meeting between two people without special effects and physical violence... With its well-tended photography and soundtrack, Peau d'ange deserves to be seen... For his first full-length film behind the camera, and after three short films, Vincent Perez surprises. We were accustomed to his whirlpool of acting passing from The Crow: City of Angels to Le Libertin, but we now see a sensitive, interesting and instinctive director who can cause unquestionable emotions from his audience."

Annie Coppermann, Les Echoes:
"Striking... tender... sincere... touching..."

DVD Times:
erez directs with a restraint that elegantly counterbalances the material. Although we can see the direction the film is taking, the plot devices, contrivances and import of the each scene are so understated that their impact isnít fully realised until the end-titles roll. When you reach that point, the full force of the film becomes apparent." 
"Vincent Perez gives a fable so elegant and superb that the film truly is a masterpiece to behold."

Philippe Azoury, Liberation:
"Overflows with attention... An absolutely sincere account by the director."

Philippe Piazzo, Aden:
"In its best moments, Vincent Perez's first full-length film, co-written with his wife, Karine Sylla, evokes a short story by Flaubert. The film follows a course where religious signs mix with faith in love... One does not always believe in it, but when one does believe, it is thanks to the exceptional intensity of the young actress, Morgane More, discovered in Saint Cyr."

Reel Life Reviews:
"Peau d'Ange is a nice, intimate little film that shows promise for its director."

"Perez Impresses with Directing Debut"

Le Devoir:
"A luminous and mysterious film"

Art Voice:
"Perez directs with admirable economy, confident in the script and what he wants to get out of each scene"

Indie Wire:
"Sweet with a strain of spirituality and uplifting pathos"

Frederic Faure, Tele Obs Cinema:
"Peau d'ange is a good surprise in this cinematographic homecoming."

Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien: 
"Guillaume Depardieu and his young co-star, Morgane More, are excellent."

Veronique Le Bris, Zurban:
"The performances of Guillaume Depardieu and Morgane More are remarkable..."

Gilles Medion, L'Express:
Morgane More and Dominique Blanc are alive, daring and disconcerting."

Philippe Paumier, Cine Live:
 "Funny, burning, naive, mystical... A short meeting which emerges from ordinary thanks to the force of conviction of Morgane More."

Sarah Beaufol, Oui Rock:
"The actors inspire a real tenderness, in particular the young and tender Morgane More, but also Karine Sylla, the splendid co-screenwriter and wife of the director."



Morgane More.....Angele Dubois
Guillaume  Depardieu.....Gregoire
Karine Silla ......Laure
Magalie Woch.....Josiane


Directed by.....Vincent Perez
Written by.....Vincent Perez & Karine Silla

Music by.....Mathieu Chedid, Fred Chichen and Replicant

Cinematography by.....Philippe Pavans

Premiered in France on October 9, 2002

World premiere on August 24, 2002 at the Montreal Film Festival.


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