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94 minutes

Synopsis: A swashbuckling adventure/romance, which puts a colorful and ironic edge to Christian-Jacque's 1952 French cult classic. Fanfan La Tulipe is the personification of the French hero, a chronic jokester, ladies man and free spirit who refuses to surrender to a forced marriage and instead finds himself persuaded to enlist in Louis XV's regiment of Aquitaine by the enchanting Adeline, played by Penelope Cruz. The character of Fanfan La Tulipe has evolved through the times into playing a central role in the French national identity, originating from the tale of a French soldier who triumphed against the British in 1745, and later evolving into a character in numerous songs and plays who made fun of his superiors and somehow always got away with it through his wit and a quick draw.


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"To step into the shoes of the legendary Gerard Philipe was no small matter, but Vincent Perez succeeds with much ease and grace... When Fanfan appears, the film becomes merry, charming, light and animated. Vincent is the perfect hero of cape and sword, as he was in Le Bossu."

La Voix du Nord:
"The principal assets of this entertainment are two picturesque characters - Vincent Perez and Didier Bourdon. Vincent, with his imposing smile, is a proud swashbuckler and impetuous stuntman doing brilliant and very physical choreographies."

Le Parisien:
"Fanfan the Tulipe is enchanting with a mixture of humor and action... Vincent Perez was the ideal choice to succeed his mythical elder. His
communicative energy and agility are pleasant
from beginning to end."
Vincent Perez succeeds in creating a character that is engaging and seductive.”

Premiere (US):
"Perez does indeed have charm—he's athletic and quick on his feet and engages in some fancy swordplay."

"A likably ingenuous Vincent Perez cutting a relaxed figure in period duds... Perez is no stranger to sword-and-breeches roles (On Guard!, Queen Margot) and handles the title role with almost no doubling and a measure of geniality. He's surrounded with a large, mostly reliable cast."

Monsieur Cinema:
"Vincent Perez offers the character of Fanfan his ardour and his energy... He does the majority of his stunts himself and seems to take a real pleasure in the action (as he did in Le Bossu) and in the comedy."

Le Nouvel Observateur:
"A credit to the film, Vincent Perez, with his beautiful work in Le Bossu, is perfect in cape-and-sword roles. He is one of those rare French actors who can move."

Le Matin:
The Swiss actor has all the candor, beauty, good humor and communicative spirit of Fanfan."

Hollywood Reporter:
"As Fanfan, Perez has the right idea in his lighthearted, athletic approach."

Channel 4 Film:
"Perez, ebullient and saucy, is certainly virile enough for the role and gives it everything he has."
"Perez, very  physical and belmondesque."

"Vincent Perez magnificently becomes the legendary character Fanfan."
"The rate/rhythm is constant, pleasant and one is not bored following the peregrinations of a Vincent Perez, at ease in the role."
"Vincent Perez, at ease in the role of cape and sword, could reach the stardom of Gerard Depardieu or Daniel Auteuil."
"Vincent Perez plays a very good Fanfan, full of energy."
"The role goes on like a glove for Vincent Perez, whose radiant smile illuminates the screen."


vletter.gif (1289 bytes)"I saw this film when I was a little boy...I regard this version as a homage to the cinema."

"The idea of playing Fanfan seemed immediately natural, as if I had always dreamed of it."




Vincent Perez.....Fanfan la Tulipe
Penelope Cruz.....Adeline la Franchise
Didier Bourdon.....Louis XV
Michel Muller.....Tranche Montagne
Helene de Fougerolles...Madame Pompadour


Directed by.....Gerard Krawczyk
Written by.....Jean Cosmos and Luc Besson
Cinematography by.....Gerard Simon
Music by.....Replicant

Premiered on May 14, 2003 at the Cannes Film Festival and throughout France


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